The Center for the Transformation of Chemistry (CTC) is growing rapidly. In total, there are to be one thousand employees in science, administration and technology transfer. The CTC offers an attractive work environment with an important goal: transforming the chemical and pharmaceutical industries into a sustainable circular economy.

Current job openings

What we offer

The establishment of the CTC is coordinated by the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces in Potsdam-Golm. Remuneration is based on TVöD-Bund (pay scale). All social benefits of the public service are granted, such as 30 days of vacation (with a 5-day week), annual extra payment and an additional retirement pension (VBL). Half of the cost of a Deutschland-Ticket Job is covered by the Max Planck Institute – as a result, the ticket for all means of public transport throughout Germany costs only 23.27 euros per month.

Where we work


In the future, around 700 employees will work for the CTC in Delitzsch. A CTC-campus will be built, including a new S-Bahn station, on the site of the former sugar factory. In the meantime, we have rented offices in the North Saxony District Office at Richard-Wagner-Straße 7A, where our non-scientific colleagues work, and which is just a few minutes away from the future CTC site. It takes about 1.5 kilometers from the district office to the local train station, and between 12 and 25 minutes by S-Bahn to Leipzig or Halle.

Delitzsch interim offices of the CTC

The first CTC employees are based in the building of the District Office of Northern Saxony in Delitzsch.

Temporary CTC location in Leuna

A second CTC site for another 300 employees will be built in Merseburg (Saxony-Anhalt) by 2038. Since January 2024, we have rented temporary premises for our scientific staff on the Leuna Chemical Complex. During the start-up phase, we can take advantage of the proximity to other companies and partners on the chemical park site and create our own laboratory space. From Halle and Leipzig, it takes around 30 and 70 minutes by public transport to get to Leuna (and around 35 and 45 minutes by car). From Merseburg it takes 10 to 15 minutes.

Leuna interim offices of the CTC

In January 2024, our science team moved into the temporary premises in Leuna. (Photo: InfraLeuna GmbH)

Your contact person

If you have any questions about our vacancies, please contact our Head of HR Christin Büscher,, +49 331 567-9743.